About Us

Blue Water Enterprises has been in business since 2007, they have been growing since their inception, starting with only four therapists, and now up to 200+ therapists, positioning themselves as the number one provider of home health therapy services in Los Angeles since 2011.

Every patient is treated like family at Blue Water.
Our goal is to help our patients become as independent and pain free as possible, and to give them the highest possible quality of life.

We are not happy unless our customers are. If you are a home health agency, you never need to worry about the timeliness of patient visits or documentation. We closely follow every single patient and keep you updated.

The Owners

A little about the owners and the company's origin....

Blue Water Enterprises is owned by Joseph Matthew, RPT, graduate of Duquesne University with a Master's in Physical Therapy in 2007.

Joseph has been providing quality home health Physical Therapy in Los Angeles and Orange County since 1999.

In 2007, Joseph opened Blue Water with the goal of providing quality therapy services in Los Angeles and beyond. They attracted the best therapists to Blue Water with an incentive based pay program, and they provide free annual CEU classes such as the much lauded NEURO-IFRAH for stroke rehabilitaton to make sure their therapists are the best in the business. In just a few years, Blue Water Therapy grew to cover all of Los Angeles County, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County and San Bernardino County.

Quality Care and professionalism are the reasons Blue Water is the # 1 provider of home therapy all over California. Once your home health agency turns over your therapy patients to Blue Water, everything is taken care of. You can rest easily knowing that a great job is being done, that our reports are accurate and timely, that we report to the MD and follow all JCHAO regulations. Our software catches all issues before they become a problem, and our staff are on top of all situations.